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Since 2000, ElBarid Group has been a trusted partner with leading financial and retail institutions in the Middle East and worldwide. ElBarid was established with the objective of developing smart solutions that enhance users' banking and retail experiences. Today we serve over 600 clients including 70 banks with banking, payment, and telecom Value-Added Services.

We pioneered the development of "Card Use SMS Notifications", which dramatically reduced the amount of credit card fraud. Our easy-to-use SMS-template generator, allows for on-the-fly SMS generation and easy customization. Agreements with mobile operators around the world ensure that SMS are delivered reliably, affordably, and are delivered once (no duplicate messages).

In 2016, we launched our mobile banking solution, ElBank (, which we are rapidly rolling out for banks across the Middle East. ElBank is a secure, customizable, and straightforward, and easily integratabtle mobile banking platform that focuses on user engagement-first. To learn more, click here.

Our mobile payment solution, Hey-Pay (, is the easiest way to pay for anything. Whether paying a friend or paying for a meal, Hey-Pay allows you to easily and instantly pay without the need to pull out your wallet. To learn more, click here.

ElBarid employs nearly 200 people with more than 40 R&D engineers.

We are headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon. Get in touch with us to learn more

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