What is ElBank Mobile and Internet Banking?
Posted by Zaki Alameddine 07 December 16

ElBank is a secure, customizable, straightforward, and easily deployable mobile and internet banking solution that focuses on user engagement-first. (www.elbank.me). With ElBank, banks can quickly deploy a modern, secure, and state-of-the-art mobile and internet banking interface for their customers.

ElBank™’s straightforward and simple UI ensures that even the most novice mobile banking users will understand how to access banks’ services. Language can be localized for individual users. A fully customizable backend ensures that banks can keep clients up-to-date with the latest bank offerings and services. Our Internet Banking shares the same look-and-feel as the mobile application.

By sharing the same modern and straightforward user interface users can seamlessly and securely access their accounts and conduct banking transactions regardless of device or platform.

ElBank™ full-featured backend ensures that administrators can manage all aspects of the platform, and client accounts, securely and with minimum hassle.

A four-tier architecture ensures maximum security and uptime while clients are engaging with the

ElBank™ platform. No data is ever stored on the phone, and industrial-strength encryption protects against fraud.