User Engagement Is What ElBank Is All About
Posted by Zaki Alameddine 30 January 17

When it comes to software, user-engagement is key. What qualifies as an “engaging” application differs between Internet and Mobile. For example Internet-based software may define engagement by the number of clicks or duration on a website, while Mobile app-engagement may be defined by number of times the app is opened, or dollars are spent. As easy as it may seem to design an engaging user-experience, developers spend countless hours designing engaging platforms that encourage user-engagement. Service providers agree that engagement is a key performance indicator for any software’s success.

A report released by Accenture in 2015 showed that 87% of Software Executives agree that mobile apps enhances customer engagement and consumers want to access services on the go. Furthermore 85% of survey participants believe that mobile apps will become the dominant channel to interface with service providers in the near future.

So how do you create an engaging user-experience for Mobile Banking? We’ve broken it down into two phases

The 1st Phase is the Onboarding Phase, whereby users access a software’s service by providing basic information and obtain login credentials. Many Banks, require physical paperwork to be filled out at a bank branch to get users onto Mobile Banking. This reduces engagement, and requires Banks to reach out to their clients even harder than a Mobile Banking platform that allows for online enrollment.

The 2nd Phase is the Usage Phase, whereby users engage with the service being provided by the software. Mobile Banking software needs to be designed such that users can access the services they want quickly, clearly, and with the fewest steps possible.

ElBank Mobile Banking has been designed with the following in mind:

  • Functions that are valuable to customers and to banks are placed front and center of the app experience

  • Functionality is accessed using large icons that are clearly labeled

  • The software is responsive with very little lag time between page loads

  • Shares a similar look-and-feel to ElBank Internet Banking (consistent across channels)

  • Looks and feel similar to the other banking platform (ex. Internet banking)

  • Can support multiple channels (e.g. banks with multiple core banking infrastructure) High resolution graphics

  • Secure

  • Easy to Login

If you’d like to learn more about how ElBank can help your bank engage with your customers, request a demo today:      



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