How is Amazon Changing the way we shop ?
Posted by Omar Chatah 01 March 17

Tech companies and Retailers are always exploring new ways to simplify their customers’ experiences. Amazon is leading the way by combining the instant-gratification of brick and mortar shopping with the convenience of mobile payments. They call it, a “Just Walk Out” experience.

Amazon Go is the first brick-and-mortar store that gives the convenience of online shopping, but in actual stores. Customers can enter a store, grab groceries, and simply leave the store without passing through long checkout lines.

The shop based in Seattle is 1,800 sq ft. and is compact to enable busy shoppers to grab groceries and quickly leave.

All a customer needs to do is download the Amazon Go app, set up their payment, and visit a store. Smart beacons, combined with the latest computer vision technology, and machine learning, Amazon Go’s infrastructure allows them to detect products taken from store shelves and knows if you put it back.

Upon leaving the store, Amazon will send you a receipt charging your account. That’s it!

Hey-Pay! promises the same convenience and simplicity. Rather than the heavy deployment of in-store beacons and machine-learning algorithms, customers can pay for products using a swipe of their mobile phone. Hey-Pay! is enabling the same convenience of a cutting-edge Seattle-based store, for the rest of the world. Learn more at


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