ElBarid Launches Mass Communication Suite (MCS)
Posted by Zaki Alameddine 07 December 16

ElBarid has launched a new and exciting SMS messaging solution that goes beyond traditional SMS to create an automated, comprehensive, and engaging bulk messaging communication channel.

First, ElBarid offers a comprehensive bulk messaging platform, with easy-to-use desktop software to edit messages on the fly. ElBarid also be configured to send SMS messaging campaigns at particular triggers, such as a specific time period after a purchase. Of course, our bulk messages are at competitive rates.

Second, ElBarid supports rich text messages through an add-on software called “Site Builder.” Site Builder lets users easily create rich SMS text messages that are formatted for any mobile device can be appended to any SMS message you send through ElBarid. Rich messages created by site builder can provide any merchant with real-time analytics indicating which users (telephone numbers) have engaged tapped the link your message, and which products that they tapped.

Finally, those users can be automatically exported to an additional list for automated “reverse IVR” campaign whereby only users who expressed interest in your product can be marked for further follow-up via a customized voice call (either text to speech, or your custom voice).