500 Million Thank You
Posted by Zaki Alameddine 30 January 17

ElBarid have been providing bulk SMS for the MENA region since 2002. Through SMS, businesses can reach out to existing and new clients with maximum reach, in cost-effective way. Our customers have always known that with ElBarid as a partner, they can reach their intended audience with a click of a button; a trust that we value deeply, from the largest regional banks, to a local flower shop.

Our path was never easy. CEO of ElBarid Mr. Arz El Murr expressed in front of his staff on January 27, 2017.  He went on by saying “When I started the SMS notification business, I along my dedicated engineers never imagined it would catch on so fast. Back when only computer engineer and techies used SMS, I believed in its potential to transform the way we communicate, and most importantly, democratize communication.” Today millions, if not billions, of SMS messages are sent daily connecting the world together.

Today it’s a special day for ElBarid. Our yearly SMS report indicates that we have sent our 500 million SMS; a milestone for this company. Our customers trust us and believe in what we do and in order to thank them we must promise them that the service will get even better and for our 480+ customers, we give them 500 million thank you.